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Do you need or want a small Straw Bale structure, such as an insulated shed or guest cottage, on your property?

If you are thinking of building a Straw Bale home, and want to hone your skills on a smaller structure first, this could be a great opportunity! CASBA is always looking for a volunteer host and site for the annual workshops when we build a small straw bale structure. At the end of the workshops you will have a nearly finished structure, plus CASBA instructors and workshop crews will guide the workshop participants in helping you build it!


  • Assistance with building design and construction consultation from CASBA professionals
  • Meet other people passionate about Straw Bale building
  • Labor assistance during bale raising and initial plastering
  • Gain skills and learn techniques to build your future home
  • You will have a structure that is environmentally friendly with walls that:
    • absorb outside noise and feel very peaceful inside.
    • are super energy efficient.
    • are fire resistant and earthquake safe.
    • have organic shapes and contours.
    • are finished in beautiful natural plasters.

Host Responsibilities:

  • Be a CASBA member and have attended a straw building workshop or seminar
  • Have a rural site with cleared space to accommodate a 16' to 24' structure along with plenty of room to allow a group of people (about 30 or more) to safely work around it
  • Have some basic construction experience and own tools
  • Purchase of all building materials
  • Foundation installed prior to first workshop, and prep work completed before plastering workshop. CASBA members will guide you on process.
  • Water and power available at building site.
  • On-site or nearby camping with relatively flat ground suitable for a group of tents.
  • On-site parking for all attendees.
  • On-site or nearby clean-up (showers). A bathroom and/or portable toilet plus a private place for solar showers will do.
  • On-site or nearby accommodations for evening slide presentations. A garage, workshop, barn, very large tent, or even a local meeting place (public or private meeting place such as a church, library, or grange hall) work well. It needs to have power and a white surface for projection
  • On-site kitchen or space for food preparation and group meals, which can be outdoors.

If your are interested or would like more information, please contact CASBA's workshop coordinator.

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