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Finish Plaster Work Party

  • 18 Dec 2021
  • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Youth Spirit Artworks' Tiny House Empowerment Village in Oakland, Ca


Volunteer Opportunity!!!

Skilled plasterers needed this Saturday December 18th 9am-4pm

633 Hegenberger Road, Oakland CA

Come help Bob Theis apply a Decorative Finish Coat Clay Plaster to the exterior of the feral straw bale art gallery in the Youth Spirit Artwork's Tiny House Empowerment Village. Lunch is provided! Plenty of parking! No registration required.


A message from architect Bob Theis, who designed the project...

Hi Gang, 

Many of you know about the gallery building being built entirely by volunteers at the YSA Tiny Homes Village at 633 Hegenberger Road in Oakland. 

For reasons not entirely clear to me, I’m heading up getting the clay plaster on the exterior of this puppy, and I could use some experienced help. 

Each Saturday, a group of volunteers show up to work at the village, and I show them how to mix and apply clay plaster. This worked fine for the scratch coat, but for the subsequent coat I need volunteers with some plastering experience. 

Because we are doing something different on this one. Rather than go for a smooth featureless finish,  we are pressing a pattern into the surface. That way,  less skill is required for a good looking result. 

This pattern will be the “ ground” for ornamenting the wall with clay paint, in an homage to  local Native American coiled baskets. 

But the coat has to go on,  get smoothed,  the horizontal guidelines marked,  and the pattern pressed in before the clay gets too hard. And that pace is not really possible when the crew are all learning to just get the stuff on the wall. 

So I’m asking that a few of you who like plastering join the effort, starting this Saturday.  YSA buys lunch, and the village is worth a visit, as the trailers the kids live in are all decked out in murals by local artists. 

Hope to hear from you, 



This is the gallery building at YSA. Even the concrete slab the village sits on has been made a mural. 

This is the pattern being used, but this time we will add colors in the grooves. Tracy and Yoshi laid on the base for this version at the Suscol Intertribal Center. 

And this is the inspiration, and the depth of feeling we will be striving for.  

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