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Member Survey 2014

A survey was conducted in 2014 at the Spring Conference in March and via email to members in August. (See the original survey.)

  • 24  completed at the Spring Conference
  • 14  completed online

Following are results.

Importance Category / Focus Responses
  Educational Offerings

Hands-on workshops (learn in person)




Publications on building with straw (such as the forthcoming Detail Book)

  Building Code Efforts

Help to "normalize" straw building and hasten its entry into mainstream building

  Membership Benefits

Support connections with other Members


Give insider access to information and new developments


Promote our members' straw-related services to the outside world

  Membership Growth

Develop more reasons to join -- great information resources, easy-to-navigate website, etc.

  Networking with Other Organizations

Partnerships to promote straw building in a variety of venues

  What Have We Missed?
  • Professional meetings among architects, engineers, and contractors to share experiences, details, etc.
  • We need to focus on the great contribution straw bale construction can make to net zero energy which will be required by law in CA in the future. However to do this we need to also be promoting passive solar straw bale designs.
  • A webinar instruction/introduction on the "text Book" publication (like the detail book) will really help ground users in the material. Perhaps the book comes with the webinar or visa versa. Could the publication be digital? The other thing that I am not certain is listed above, is simple general marketing of the idea of straw bale building... an ad campaign or a movement to make strawbale sexy in existing publications. Create the market demand on a statewide level, us builders will be ready for them.
  • I think it is important to develop the website where it is also educational.....I checked that under Membership Growth, but consider it as Educational Offerings.
  • We have been resolutely middle class so far, and frankly tend to be sliding UP the income scale. What radical tactical shifts can we make to bring straw bale to lower income people? I imagine, for example, creating and field testing really quick and dirty - even outlaw - building approaches. Cottages for farm workers? Rough shelters to get the homeless out of the weather?
  • Public education on resources, materials, structural and environmental aspects of building green primarily straw bale.
  • Reaching young people
  • Other outreach: school talks/lectures; research projects; building official questions
  • More related info: exp: It would have been nice to post inf for Build well!
  • Update website with illustrations of muti-family, commercial, and large scale projects and a contemporary look & feel so that greater traction with the mainstream is fostered.
  • I would love to see a wiki for SBB with the inherent peer review and easy update ability that the web/wiki gives.
  • Outreach to general public; community colleges such as Lareu (Oakland); more workshops to inform the greater population.
  • #1 = A Promote straw bale in a total environment inclusion as to its benefits to fellow creatures inhabiting world of ALL.


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