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Special Tools for Straw Bale

Bale needles

Bale needles are used to insert twine to change the size of the bale or to attach items to the bales. They are not usually available for purchase but must be custom fabricated. They must be long and strong enough to go all the way through and out the width of the bale. Some are made to have multiple functions (push/pull) while others have single functions.

Persuader or the Great Mallet

Another custom made tool that is used to beat the bales to straighten out a wall. Once the bales are in place you can use this to get a bale adjusted in the wall.

T o make it yourself, use a block of wood (preferably 6” x 6” x 12”) and securely attach a wooden tool handle to it.

Japanese Trowels

The trowels are used in Natural plasters to achieve some of the fine finishes you may have seen. They are smaller than standard American trowels and come in a variety of sizes, shapes and flexibility

They are available to purchase either in some local specialty natural building stores or online at

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